Just one word,
yet, it says much.
Operationals for you,
Operationals for them,
operationals for everyone,
helping you to help yourself,
with an even more noble goal,
including starvation illumination,
leading to its ultimate elimination.
All huge goals start with description,
because it is the way that works most.
When your operationals are prioritized,
in a manner consistent with your morals,
married to your internal pleasure centers,
you tap the master secrets of the universe.


That touches the core operational function of the Plan For Living Success,
history's most effective acceleration of approximately everything you do.
From learning brain surgery (easier than "they'd" prefer you to believe),
or doubling your income, or getting on just fabulously with your kids,
most everything that humans do is subject to the use of shortcuts.
It begins with understanding that those who do best know best.
Sounds simple, yet, most of us rarely allow it to work for us.
Whatever comes your way, you form an opinion on, true?
When you can recognize that your opinions are wrong,
formed by little more than opinons of other people,
rather than extensive education and experience.

Operationals. Each of your goalsets of action,
borne of your own Plan For Living Success.

Of or relating to routine functioning and activities of an organization, facility, business or human,
although it's no technical leap to assert that animals have operationals just as humans and machines do.

Op·er·a·tion·al adjective OPP-er-AY-shun-uhl

More definitions of OPERATIONAL,with thanks to Merriam-Webster, a Plan For Living Success favorite resource,

-- of or relating to operation or to an operation "the operational gap between planning and production"
-- of, engaged in, or connected with execution of military or naval operations in campaign or battle

and, finally, the meaning, the construction perhaps most critically important to your own life,
in respect of determining where you end up in life, how you get there, and how successfully:

ready for, or in condition to undertake, a destined function, a predetermined destination.

Although operational is an adverb, therefore not particularly subject to pluralization, this IS the internet.
Secondly, and, in view of the Plan For Living Success, of greater utility to you, operationals can be created.
That may be better-suited to a different forum or arena, worth tucking into back channels for quiet cogitation.

Leap into your Plan For Living Success. Whether you learn to trade options to create a working income your first month,
or reciting each day just ten digits of Pi over and over and over again until it's memorized, and then move on to the next,
there are myriads of human activities subject to the indisputable potency of humanity's greatest powerful success shortcuts.

The Plan For Living Success contends that you do not need to invest ridiculous sums of money buying the best information.
The proven secrets and shortcuts of masters and millionaires, of champions and billionaires, are here for your delectation.
Less talking, and more doing. This is your first operational. It frees up the largest portion of your mind that is mostly idle.
You have heard, read, thought of, magical shortcuts and secrets of success that propel and accelerate positive results.
The Plan For Living Success is a compendium of the greatest shortcuts of all time, master secrets of the universe.
At the Plan For Living Success, operationals are those features and functions already available for your use.
Stroll and dance throughout the thousands of Plan For Living Success websites served up by your coach,
each unique from the Plan For Living Success and still born and borne of it, in thousands of flavors.
Operationals are the plans, the mini-toolboxes you carry with you, ready to use in a moment.
Plan For Living Success operationals are here to help you to help yourself, naturally.

Kindly remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.

 Plan For Living Success Wants YOU To Erase Starvation
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Operationals help you out here, operationals help get you there,
operationals are secrets and shortcuts that transport us everywhere.
Operationals have been used for literally millinnia, by great champions .
Knowing where you are going is the best way to begin making your way there,
because when you do not know where you are going, you usually end up elsewhere.
When you think you understand this, stop, go back, and find yet another meaning.
One of the key operationals of the Plan For Living Success is found in an axiom.
"Every piece of wisdom you ever come to know has another meaning for you."
Develop the genius in you by the simple, repetitive use of this huge secret.
It is a master secret of the universe, a Plan For Living Success PowerGem.
Even better, each new meaning tends to be more profitable than the last.
Increase your intelligence in these next minutes with this master secret.
Then can you claim to richly live Plan For Living Success operationals.



Succeeding At Success Plan For Living Success Style

Find more within yourself, and so many assets you have access to.
Live YOUR Technology Health Route and Plan For Living Success.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Make the time each night to create a written agenda, the 5 most vitals goals of the morrow.
Cease forming opinions before thinking. If your opinion was right, you would be a master now.
Use of the Technology Health Route and Plan For Living Success virtually assures your mastery.
From today, remember to imitate masters, and THEN innovate with your knowledge and experience.
Trading just one of every ten chatty, petty minutes for ONE minute of your greatest thinking profits you.
The best opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly out-succeed the rest.
The Plan For Living Success is a great journey of self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and demonstrably YOUR best sweet shortcuts to succeeding. The Plan For Living Success is here for your life.
To help you to help yourself, the Plan For Living Success presents the greatest operationals of all.


Total Winning?   Getting Richer?   -   Universal Truths Of Life - Master Secrets Of YOUR Universe
MisterShortcut, and more, life itself, warrants and promises that it is not possible to act without repercussions:
What we persistently send out to the world is, for the most part, what the world is tends to repeatedly return to us.
As with every Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity PowerGem, no need to believe it: Test each truth!
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 Key CORNERSTONE factors of BOTH  
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 What goes around comes around:
Newton's 3rd law also works on purpose!  

  When we give, we get  

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Learn more, to live more:

Operationals From Plan For Living Success Operationals Group Mean Business!

The Plan For Living Success is a subsidiary of the Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires, Champions and Billionaires.
Those doing best among us prove to know the best. These role models for self-empowering success are magnificent role models.

Get more from yourself, through self-empowerment, and as many self-empowering resources as you can access for yourself.
Self-empowerment is the best answer, the answer to suceeding faster, and sustaining success, of any you might find.

Welcome to the most exciting thousands of websites in the world, the gift of MisterShortcut... MrShortcut.
Always remember that you were born with the exquisitely productive skill of yielding one more percent.
That one percent guarantees you any first-class ticket into the human excellence waiting inside of you.
We do not quit something because we failed, quite the opposite: We fail when we decide to quit it.
Awakening the Plan For Living Success within you is one of the wisest choices of your lifetime.
First, determine YOUR goals, then the operationals, simpler operational steps along the way
Secrets of the Plan For Living Success & Technology Health Route are YOUR operationals

"Operationals" is a nice, brandable, generic dot-com, a premium at any price, although we price lower than industry standards.
That's primarily because we love domainists who go the extra mile, take the extra individual steps towards winning.

If operationals is the word meeting your needs, you likely know how to contact us about developing Operations.com